5 Things to Start Doing in Your 20’s Before Buying a Home

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Home is where the heart is.

1. Start building your credit right away.

If you haven’t started building your credit that is something I highly suggest putting at the top of your list. When purchasing a home, almost every loaner that you come across will want to know what your credit score is, and how long you have had it. If you don’t know where to start, I would suggest going to your bank and starting with a small student credit card. My first credit card had a $200 limit on it, and I used it on small things like gas and out to eat places.

2. Make sure you are smart with your credit.

I made the mistake of going credit crazy, and now I am having to pay of $3000 worth of debt. Do not make the mistake I made. I only recommend using one credit card like the one I mentioned above, and only use it for one small thing, and as soon as it’s time to pay your monthly payment pay off 90% of what you used. That way you will be building your credit, but not allowing yourself into a massive hole of debt. Just an FYI it’s not free money guys.  

3. Start putting money back for a down payment. 

Look up money saving plans on Pinterest. Figure out what would work best with your budget, and if it means cutting out unnecessary costs then do it. Most sellers require a minimum of $3000 to $5000 down. Just keep the bigger picture in mind, and you could be a homeowner in a year or two!

4. Keep in mind the location.

For future reference think about the future. Is this an area that you want to raise a family in? Is it safe, and what kind of schools are around. This is just something to take into consideration. Especially if you are planning on buying a home with your future spouse.

5. Consider renting before buying.

I know renting may seem like you’re wasting your money, but consider these things. 

  • Can you really afford buying a home just yet? This includes house payments, home owners insurance, water, electricity. When living in an apartment most of the time the only thing you have to pay for is rent and electricity.
  • Do you have the furniture and appliances you need for your home? If you wait and rent before buying, then you will have more time to save to buy furniture and appliances, because most apartments come with the appliances. The only appliances we had to pay for where the washer and dryer, and our microwave. 

Although it is frustrating to live in an apartment sometimes, these are just some things you need to consider. 

I hope these suggestions have helped you. This is something that I wish someone would have shared with me, because it would have helped me to make smarter decisions sooner rather than later, but hopefully I can help someone from making the same mistakes that I did just because I didn’t have the knowledge or understanding of everything that goes into buying a home.

“Life takes us to unexpected places, and love takes us home.”

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  1. Pintrest is such a clutch site! It’s great for literally everything! These are all great tips momma! Hubby and I bought and sold our first home before 30 based off of some of theses tips you are sharing!

    1. Thank you, and same here! I am twenty-one, but I have not handled my credit very well, but I am starting to get better with it (:

  2. Important tips! Thank you for sharing this insight. Many people unfortunately are not in a good place financially, and a lot of it is lack of education or having a good role model to show them what they should be doing. Keep up the positive information!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! We hope to buy our first home in the next 2-3 years and I know we need to get started on these tips ASAP! I will definitely be doing each of these to help us out.

  4. These are all great tips! I just started working this year and the time I got regular at work, I started thinking of buying a house. Though really, I don’t have any savings yet and there are still a lot of things going on in our house right now. But I just can’t let go of the idea of wanting to own a house. Thank you so much for all these tips! Love lots, xoxo

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