Five Money Saving Apps to Start Using Now

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Hey Y’all! I hope you are all having a fantastic week. It’s that time of the year where we start to do most of our shopping. From decorating our home and buying a new wardrobe to fit the season to Holiday shopping. So today,  I am going to be sharing with you five apps that I use daily or at least weekly. I love finding new ways to save money and to help minimize my savings, and I also enjoy helping others to cut costs too. We live in an expensive world, so why not help a sistah or brothah out. There’s no reason to live on Roman Noodles when we have resources available to us that can help us budget and spend our money well. On a side note if you do decide to use these apps as well, please help support me while I help support you, and use the referral links below. When you refer someone you get an amount of money for doing that, so who wouldn’t want to do that?

1. Ebates

If you love online shopping as much as I do, then this an app that you will definitely get some use out of. I used to love going to stores and shopping, but now that I’m a mom and don’t have as much time on my hands I find this an easier alternative to get the things I need. With this app it will tell you how much of a percentage you will earn with each store. I have only had this app for about a month and I have already made eleven dollars from just a few purchases. That’s without the referrals. For every referral that signs up you make $25!! How crazy awesome is that?? Click the referral link below to refer me, and tell your friends about it too, so you can start profiting from your online shopping too!

2. The Walmart App

I promise this isn’t a post just for me to earn a profit off of. I actually really enjoy helping other people save money. Walmart is one of those apps that won’t profit me any, but it will profit you. I use this every single time I go grocery shopping. When you download the app there will be a button that says, “Savings Catcher,” and all you do is once you are done shopping you can take a picture of your receipt, and if there is another Walmart that is selling something at a cheaper price, then you will get your money back. I received more than $2 back on the first receipt that I scanned. Plus they also have other benefits of using this app. I use it to create my grocery list too! No more having to bring a pen and paper. You can create the list on the app and check off the items on your list as you go!

3. Ibotta

Ibotta is a great app to use for going grocery shopping. Every now and then they will have great deals on there, and it works a lot like the way the Walmart app does, however on this app you can choose from different stores, but you have to get what they are offering to get money back. Once you buy $20 worth of food you will receive $20 back. Plus you get a percentage back on anyone you refer. Just like with the Ebates app.

If you want to get started with this app today, then you can use my referral code: dogdsyb to get an automatic $10 welcome bonus!

4. Facebook

The Facebook app is a great way to declutter your life and get rid of the junk that’s in your home and make a little side cash too! If you need to make room for the Holidays and changing seasons just put yourself on the market. Just be sure to meet in a secure place where you will fill safe. Or you can always use the Paypal option and just ship the items to the person.

5. Poshmark

I cannot get over how obsessed I have become with this app. I love reselling clothes, and going through my closet, and I also enjoy shopping on there as much as I love selling. So if you are wanting to find a way to sell your new clothes then this is the way to do so! Also for every friend you refer they earn $5 and once they make a purchase off of the app then you will make $5 too!

If you would like to download this app then use my referral code: KOUNTRYGAL18 to get your first $5! And you can check out my closet if you want to get the general idea of how Poshmark works!

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  1. Wouldn’t you know, I just downloaded the Wal-Mart app, and as of October 29, 2018, they are doing away with the savings catcher at our local Wal-Mart.

  2. No clue. Then, I tried to get a side hustle going with, Survey Junkie and that’s proving to be very time consuming. After I reach my 10.00 payout, I’m outta there.

    1. Well try out Ebates and Ibotta using the referrals I listed. For every referral you get cash back, and it doesn’t take any time at all!

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