Things Christians Say and How a Non Christian Views It (Part Two)

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Hey everyone! To those of you who have been waiting for this! I sincerely apologize! My Mondays always literally seem to be the typical,”Manic Mondays,”. Something always just seems to go wrong I don’t know what it is about Mondays. Anyways, I want to finish talking with you guys about the last three questions I had asked my non-religious friend, about the things that a typical Christian would say to her or how they may act around her. I would like for us to pause and th1ink for a moment, and figure out how we are truly coming across to those whose views may be different from ours. Are we impacting them in a positive way? I am going to share with you what my friend has to share with us from her personal experiences.

1. When Christians Say, “I’ll Pray for You.”

“It honestly doesn’t bother me, when someone says I’ll pray for you, because I know that is your way of reaching your God, and I know that is just a form of showing that you care about me, and I think it’s sweet. However, it also depends on the tone or your meaning behind it. If you tell me that you are praying for me, because you are condemning me or judgmental, then I will take offense to that statement.” -Anonymous

2. When Christians say, “I don’t judge you, only God can judge.”

“First of all, I would tell them that, ” that does not mean a single thing to me, because I don’t believe in God in the first place. Second of all, I would want to ask them why does God judge me. If he created me to sin and then judges me when I do, I would want them to explain that to me, because that doesn’t really make sense to me.” – Anonymous

3. Is there anything that I have done as a Christian that would cause you to tune out my beliefs?

I talked about this personally on instagram the other day, but for me, this one really got to me, because the answer was very personal, and it was not what I expected it to be, but nothing ever is as it seems to be. For those of you who were not able to watch the video, this is what she told me.

” If I were a Christian and if God truly existed then I would be fearless, and when we were friends I knew you, and I knew that you were afraid of a lot of things, so that kind of made me tune out your beliefs.”

“If I were a Christian I would love others unconditionally. There were people that you hated, and didn’t even want to be around, and that kind of made you seem like you were doing it for a show.”

“If I were a Christian I would be happy all of the time, and there were days where you weren’t happy.”

She also stated that ” If I lived a fearless life, loved others more, and appeared happier than I am now, then she may be willing to listen to my beliefs.”

Ouch! Like wow, just punch me in the stomach, because how true is that and how Biblical is that? I thought about what she told me, and everything she told me was true. As a Christian should be doing all of these things, and sometimes if I am being honest I don’t. How many of us fail to live fearless, fail to love others more, and fail to express joy even on days that don’t have a lot of happiness. I am so thankful that she has shared her thoughts and opinions on these things, and I am going to strive to be more like Jesus. I may not be, but Jesus was fearless, He loved everyone unconditionally, and He found joy as He bled on the cross for my sins. I want that love, and I want to be a light in that way so that maybe one day I can impact others like my friends who may have been willing to listen if I were actually following Jesus’s example. If you would like to stay updated, next week I will be sharing a series in response to everything that she has shared with me, and I hope you all have enjoyed learning with me on what it means to be an open-minded Christian.

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