Three Reasons Why I Started My Journey With Young Living

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Just an FYI: These are not promised to cure any serious illness, cancer, etc. if you have any problems like these, please consult your doctor.


For those of you who are wondering what essential oils are, they are often called the ,”life blood,” of the plant. The oils are concentrated, aromatic liquids steam-distilled from the seeds, bark leaves, stems, roots, flowers, or fruit. They support a plant’s internal structures. When properly cultivated and distilled, Essential Oils can support a healthy lifestyle. Today I am going to share with you four reasons why I have decided to start this journey. I will talk about what it was like when I first heard about it, how it affected me, and what I plan to do with it.

When I first heard about Young Living…

The first time I heard about Young Living Essential Oils was from someone I knew that had mentioned looking into it, and at first I was skeptical. I had began to receive various messages from Young Living distributors and advocates, and honestly that made even more skeptical, because this had happened to me before, where someone was trying to sell something to me, and it was basically a scam, so I kept coming up with excuses, and that was when someone else I knew convinced me that it was a legit company.

How did I know it wasn’t a scam?

Well after talking to people that I knew personally, and doing some research on my own I found out for myself that this was something I would really enjoy sharing with other people. The girl that I talked to was like me, and was a stay at home mom with two little ones, and after telling me about it, and giving me a little booklet to read on Young Living I was ready to start.

Why did I decide to join?

  • The Major Health Benefits Are Great!

After the major research I had done I realized the amazing health benefits for me and my family. Even I didn’t make a profit off of it I knew it was something that could be really beneficial for my family and I. For example one of the oils that comes in the premium starter kit is called, “Stress Away,” a combination of Lime and Vanilla. Not only is the scent amazing, but add two drops of that along with two drops of Lavender Essential Oil in my bath, and you have one happy mama. As a mom I tend to stress about a lot of things, so for me this was a gift from heaven itself.

  • The Company Is Genuine

I love sharing the products with others, because I know that I am being genuine with their products. Their products are authentic, and 100% pure Grade A oils. I also love sharing them with others, because they have worked so great for me that I know that I am not just trying to sell someone a product that I wouldn’t even use myself.

What do I get out of it?

I am so glad you asked that, because I am just going to be straight up with you.

  • I will get out of it whatever I put into it.. which includes: time, effort, and sometimes money.

  • I can be my own boss and set my own hours.

Who doesn’t dream of being their own boss and setting their own hours? And I can promise you it doesn’t mean being lazy. You still have to put in the work. I still get up pretty early and get off around five, but I do have the weekends off, and I love what I do, plus I don’t have anyone that getting onto me for silly things. It’s pretty simple, and easy to follow.

  • I learn new things all the time!

I am kind of a nerd, and I love that this company gives me the chance to expand and broaden my horizons. I love learning about natural medicines, and there is always something new to learn it seems like everyday.

  • Again the health benefits are amazing!

I have the opportunity to be healthier and stronger by using Essential Oils. I am getting rid of toxins and chemicals throughout my home and replacing it with everything natural and healthy.

  • Discounts and Free Stuff

Even if I have a week, or month where I don’t sell anything I still get to be apart of the Essential rewards, which offers up to 24% off wholesale products, and they have special deals every month, freebies and more!



That’s all that I have to share with you all today! I hope this has helped you to better understand what Essential Oils are, and how they have benefited me personally. If you are interested and want to know more, please let me know! I will give you my referral code, and don’t forget until May 25th you will get 10% off of the premium starter kit, and I can help you start this journey and grow to your full potential. Don’t wait until tomorrow, choose a healthier lifestyle now! Also don’t miss out on the chance to sign up for my blog newsletter for essential oil recipes, and more!




Love always,

Lauren Smith.


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  1. I have heard about essential oils, its use and benefits but never found a convincing answer why to use essentials when there are plenty of other alternatives. But I got fair idea from this article, thank you

    1. You’re welcome! They are not for everyone, but I really do love them! As long as you are doing things to stay healthy, then that’s all that really matters!(:

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