Three Things That I Encountered As a Young Mom

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Hey everyone, today’s topic is going to be very personal for me, but I want to be honest with any expecting moms, moms going through postpartum, or anyone who just wants to know what it’s like to be a mom. There are a few things that I have gone through as a young mom that has been really hard, and scary. I want to share this with you all because I feel like It’s something that you may go through, and maybe it’s something you are already going through.


1. Comparison

The comparison has been my hugest struggle as a young mom because most of the friends that I have or had are friends who don’t have children, so they have no idea what my life is like, but I am constantly reminded of the life I once had. Most of the time I am perfectly happy with my new life, but once in a while, I will catch myself feeling envious of being able to just go out whenever I would like. Sometimes I would feel left out when I would see pictures of my friends hanging out, and I was at home uninvited taking care of a baby. This was my life now, and although it has been very rewarding I had to find a way to stop looking at the life I used to have and start embracing the life I know have. Here are a few ways that I have managed to do that, and after these results, I have been feeling a lot more satisfied with my life.

  • Find new friends who have a similar lifestyle. For example all of the friends that I had didn’t have any kids, so I decided to make new friends who did, and I didn’t drop my old friends, however, I found myself not comparing my  life to theirs when I made a few new friends who could relate to what I was going through.
  • Be careful with social media! Before I realized it I was crying over people I didn’t even know who seemed to have it all. They traveled all the time, partied, shopped, etc. They were living the life or so it seemed because I was focusing on the wrong things. So I created a new youtube and followed mom YouTubers and limited the number of people I followed who don’t have children.

2. Body Image

I weighed 125 lb.  the first month I was pregnant with Ivan, and at the end of my pregnancy, I weighed 170 lbs. Yikes! I also ended up with a few stretch marks around my hips, and waist. It was really hard to build up my self confidence again, because I went up a size in everything. So how did I get through this struggle? I will let you in on three things.

  • Positive Affirmations- speaking kind words out loud to myself helped me to convince myself that I could still be confident in my new mom body.
  • I did something about it. – As soon as the six weeks had past I began to slowly workout, and now I am working out three times a week. It just makes you feel better knowing that you are actually doing something to help yourself instead of just sitting on your butt complaining about it, and doing nothing. “Get off that couch girl, and get moving!” – Me to myself.
  • Eating Better- I have decided that my eating habits have got to change. I need to stop eating less cookies, and ice-cream, and start eating more vegetables and fruit. I have already noticed a difference in the amount of energy that I actually have, and I can tell you know that my body and mind are thanking me for it.

3. Postpartum Depression

This is probably going to be the hardest thing for me to talk about. I don’t like to admit that I have been going through postpartum depression, because I have always been known as someone who is most of the time happy, however this is a serious problem, and each person is different, so I am not the one who needs to tell you what to do. I am just going to suggest a few things, and you should pray about it before deciding on anything.

  • Prayer- I had to constantly go to God in prayer and ask Him to help me get through this.
  • I knew I wasn’t alone. – When going through something like this don’t try to go through it alone. I had people that I could go to and talk to that has helped me get through it. Find someone you can trust, and talk to them about it.
  • Take a Multi-Vitamin for Women- Most of the problems associated with Postpartum have to do with the changing hormones of your body adjusting after you have a baby, and vitamins will help you to balance those out.
  • Essential Oils- There are many essential oils that have helped me to get through a stressful day. I recommend Young Living. That’s what I use and I love them!



I hope these things have helped someone. I know being a young mother can be really hard, so don’t try to do it alone. Find someone to talk to, and take care of yourself mommy, because the way I see it, we have to take care of ourselves first in order to be able to take care of the people we love. If you feel like you don’t have anyone that you can talk to, please feel free to send me a message on my contact page! I love you all, and hope you all have a blessed day!

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  1. I had my first baby at 20, and it was so hard! Comparison was a huge one, and my friends didn’t understand the huge change. They were turning 21, going to bars, and I was at home with my baby. I wouldn’t change it for the world, although I lost many friends. I had PPD with my first child as well. Being a mama isn’t easy <3

    1. I was 19 when I had my first and I had a very similar problem. I lost basically all of my friends. Being a mother is too hard for us to be so hard on ourselves and each other! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found a more supportive “village” to surround myself with!

      1. I know, and I think it’s sad that most young moms have to go on their journey feeling lonely. I want to build a tribe of young mothers who can come together, and encourage each other.

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