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Disclosure: I am not a Doctor and I am not promising that essential oils will cure disease or illnesses. This is just my personal opinion and experience with essential oils. I will also earn a small commission if you decide to join the Young Living Community, but at no extra cost to you. 

Let’s Talk Essential Oils

Hello, everyone. Today I am going to be guiding you and showing you how to become a distributor for Young Living. Essential Oils are a way of living a healthier lifestyle. It’s a way to break free of all the chemicals and toxins that we are constantly buying every day without even realizing what we are putting on our bodies or even our children’s bodies. Essential oils are distilled from plants and fruits, and are one-hundred percent natural. I could talk all day about what essential oils are, but instead I am just going to provide the link to Young Living’s site and it will explain everything in detail.

Personal Experience

I have personally experienced the power of wellness by using essential oils in my day to day life.  Story time. My husband got stung by a wasp one day, and I think he may have had an allergic reaction to it because his arm got really swollen to the point where it was hurting him really bad, so I had read that Peppermint and Lavender essential oils would decrease the swelling, and so I got my Young Living Essential Oils and tried it out. Much to my amazement and my husbands as well, within fifteen minuets of applying the essential oils to his sting the swelling began to go down. I am not promising that this will be true for everyone, but for us it worked, and since then I have been a huge fan of essential oils. 

Let’s Get You Started

To get started the best option is to sign up for their membership program, because you can get 24% off of the retail price. You will also receive promos every month, and you get points based off of the kinds of oils that you purchase, which leads to getting lots of free essential oils! Yay to free essential oils! Without the membership you will have to pay full price. Plus if you decide that you really love the essential oils you can make your own business out of it, and introduce the products to others and after selling three essential oil kits you will get your money back for the kit that you have already purchased! So the best kit out there has a Desert Mist Diffuser and it comes with 11 essential oils which will  last you about three to four months depending on how often you use them, and I definitely used all of mine. It also comes with two Ningxia Red Organic Energy Drinks, and a Thieves Cleaning Sample which is enough to fill an entire 16 oz. bottle of cleaner! So for all of that it is $160, and I know what you’re thinking. It seems expensive, and if you cannot afford to pay all of it upfront then they have a great option to make 6 monthly payments of $27 a month through PayPal. And guys it is so worth it. Click this link and it will take you to where you need to go to sign up!                            

When it asks you for a referral, please us this number: 14886750                       And even if you don’t want to be apart of the rewards program right away,  You can still purchase essential oils on their site, and you can still use my referral number. Also please don’t make the mistake of thinking that I am trying to take advantage of you. After all to get started I bought a kit from a distributor as well, and I am glad that they told me about Young Living. It’s a life changing experience, and I would love for you to be apart of it with me.  If you have any unanswered questions feel free to let me know about it by emailing me. Thank you. 

Lauren S. Watkins

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